What is Account vs Profile 


  • An account is associated with one ABN (Australian Business Number). 
  • You can link one or multiple profiles to an account. 
  • Admin users have access to the account level, where they can: 
    • View connected business profiles. 
    • Link new business profiles. 
    • Create new business profiles. 
  • Manage access to the account and linked profiles via the staff tab. 


  • A profile represents a unique combination of a business name and location. 
  • For example, “Brits Bakery at 64 Fake Road Robina” is one profile, while “Brits Bakery at 42 Wallaby Way Sydney” is another. 
  • Admins and editors can access profiles they’ve been invited to and: 
    • Update business information. 
    • Respond to quotes, messages, and reviews. 
    • Create posts (for paid clients). 
    • Upload media. 
    • Monitor the performance of digital products like the website, SEO campaigns, social campaigns, PPC campaigns and Localsearch Plus (GBP). 
    • Manage email and notification settings. 

In summary, an account is linked to an ABN and can manage multiple profiles. Profiles represent specific business locations or names, and authorised users can manage them based on their access level. 

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