SEO Glossary


Search engine optimisation is the act of altering your website and online presence with the intention of bettering your exposure to users on search engines. 

Keyword Average Position 

This is your average keyword position across all of your focus keywords. 


Every impression is a time your website has been seen on a search engine. 

GBP posts 

A post published on your Google Business Profile profile. 

GBP Total Actions 

How customers behave after they have found your Google Business Profile listing. These actions include the total number of website visits, directions and phone calls. 

GBP Search Views 

This represents the total number of times your business has been seen in the search results. 

Starred Keywords 

These keywords are the focus of your campaign, based on a range of factors including service offering, user intent and search volume. 

New Users 

A new user is a first-time visitor to your website. 

Organic Traffic 

Visitors who have landed on your website as a result of clicking on an unpaid Google search result. 

Direct Traffic 

Users who have typed in your URL or clicked on an email link to land directly on your website. 

Referral Traffic 

Traffic generated by users clicking on a link to your website on another website. 

Social Traffic 

Social media users who have clicked on a link to your website. 

Paid Traffic 

Users who have landed on your website after clicking on one of your paid ads. 

Other Traffic 

Users whose path to your website is unable to be identified. 

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