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If you don’t know what the password is for your email account, you can call 1300 360 867 and ask to speak to IT to get your password reset.

Once you log in, you will be presented with the page below:

In order to view your emails as usual you can select “Open my inbox when I log in” located under the Roundcube logo. This will ensure each time you log into your account you will be taken directly to your inbox (which will be shown below) Also, everything located below the Roundcube icon such as the Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts is either not functioning or is incorrect information as of the current time, therefore you can just ignore that information.

Once you’ve clicked on the Roundcube icon then you will be presented with the inbox:

When it comes to functionality you have the usual Compose, Reply, Forward, Delete, along with archiving. You can also click on more for additional options such as Print, download the email(export), Show Source (for debugging), Move to (to move to another folder), Copy to (to copy the email to another folder, keeps an original copy in the current folder) and Open in a new window to open the email in a new browser tab.

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