Using the Invitation Email for Localsearch Business Profile

Step 1 

Please check the inbox of the email address you provided to the Localsearch team. You will receive a separate welcome email from Localsearch containing a link to access your Localsearch Business Profile.

Step 2

Once you receive the email, please open it and click on the link. This link is for one-time use only and is valid for 5 days.

Step 3

This will take you to Localsearch For Business and prompt you to either create an account or log in.

Step 4

After entering the email address where you received the invitation, you will automatically receive another email containing a verification code. This code is necessary to complete the login process. Please note that this verification email expires after 20 minutes. 

Step 5

Once logged in, you can always access your business profile by clicking on the top-right Suite icon and selecting “Localsearch For Business”.

Step 6

Once you have finished making changes, click “update” on the same page to save them. The changes will appear online approximately 10 minutes after saving.

Please note: If you receive a prompt that mentions “Hmm, we can’t seem to recognise you,” it could be that you are interacting with an old link or are not logged into the same email that the invitation was sent to.

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