Localsearch Online Dimensions Sizes and How to Resize Your Images 

Localsearch recommends to uses the following dimension sizes:  

Logo Ratio


100×100 pixels 

Landscape Ratio 


1080×720 pixels 

Follow these steps to resize your images in the Localsearch Business Profile Manager: 

Step 1 

Access the Business Profile Manager by visiting localsearch.com.au. Hover your mouse over the top right-hand corner, select “Your Localsearch Suite,” then choose “Business Profile Manager.” 

Step 2 

In the left-hand toolbar, click on the “Media” tab. 

Step 3 

Upload your desired media. You’ll be prompted to resize the image using the resizing box. Click “Done” to confirm. 

Step 4 

To adjust the image size later, select the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the uploaded media, then choose “Edit Image.” 

By following these steps, you can conveniently resize your images on the Localsearch for Business app, helping improve the overall presentation of your business on the platform. 

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