How to Create a New Booking

Step 1

Navigate to the ‘Company’ or ‘User Admin’ panel using the menu in the top right.

How to know which option to select:

Company – This is the most commonly used option and can be applied for either one employee or many. Employees are assigned to bookings, but availability is managed on a user-by-user basis.

User – This option is only used if you need a custom schedule per booking. For example, if you want to offer different services on certain days. Additionally, all events need to be user-based. If appointments and services are set up on a user-only basis, you cannot assign multiple users to receive these bookings.

Step 2

Select either ‘Appointment’, ‘Service’, or ‘Event’ in the top menu.

Appointment – Your customer will be able to select a date and time, and no payment is needed.

Service – Your customer will be able to select a date and time, and payment is required. Payment can be either online or offline and could be a deposit. If the price is a deposit, please make sure this is clearly communicated in your description to avoid confusion.

Event – This is a set date and time determined by you. It is useful for one-time events such as a paint & sip or classes.

Step 3

Select the “+ New…” button.

Step 4

The quick setup form will appear on the right side of your screen. This is where you can enter the basic information for that booking, such as title, description, and duration. Once you’ve filled out the form, select ‘save’.

Step 5

Once you save, you will be redirected to the general settings page where you can delve into more detail about your booking. This includes adding padding, adjusting intervals, setting cutoffs, and defining cancel or rescheduling periods. Remember to click ‘save’ before proceeding.

Step 6

On the left side, you’ll find a menu for other settings. Please note that these settings may vary depending on the type of booking selected. These settings can include custom fields, reminders, follow-ups, media, team members (for company-based bookings only), and sessions (for events only).

Step 7

Once you are satisfied with the settings on your booking, you’ll need to add it to a widget to display it on your website. Navigate to the Widget tab in the top menu. Localsearch should have already set up some widgets for you. You can add your new booking to an existing widget by clicking on the desired widget, then selecting the drop-down under packages to tick the required bookings. Additionally, you can reorder the bookings by adjusting the sort order in the left menu.

If you require a new widget to be created and added to the website (for example, if you want the new booking on a different page), you can contact for assistance.

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