How do I improve my profile health score? 

Boosting your profile health score is essential for attracting clients and making a positive impression. Here are straightforward steps to enhance your profile: 

Add Photos with Descriptions

  • Upload clear photos with detailed descriptions to make your profile visually appealing and informative. 

Request Client Reviews 

  • Encourage clients to leave reviews, which can enhance your credibility. 

Enhance Your “About” Section

  • Expand the “About” section with engaging content. Avoid adding contact info here.

Connect Social Media

  • Link your social media accounts to your profile for a stronger online presence. 

Include Your Website 

  • Make sure your website is linked to your profile for added credibility. 

Create Posts

  • Regularly post updates, promotions or valuable content to keep your profile active and engaging.

Maintain Consistency 

  • Ensure your business name, address and phone number are consistent across all platforms. 

List All Services 

  • Provide a comprehensive list of your products and services. 

Complete All Fields 

  • Fill out all necessary profile fields to appear more reliable.
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