Localsearch Glossary

This page lists terms used in Localsearch For Business to assist you in analysing your performance.


Location Searches 

How many times people have looked for your business with your location in mind.

Category Searches 

The number of times people have searched within your specific business industry.

Devices Breakdown 

Find out which devices people use most when searching for your business.

Searches Over Time 

See how often people have been searching for your business over a period.

Profile Views 

The number of times a user has clicked through to your Business Profile. 

Search Views 

How many times your business has appeared in a search. 


How many times a user has contacted you through your Business Profile. 


The number of clicks on the call button on your Business Profile. Provide your phone number to start tracking this metric. 

Website Clicks 

The number of clicks on the website link on your Business Profile.

Direction Requests 

The number of unique customers who have requested directions to your business. 

Google Ads 


The total amount of money invested in your campaigns, determined by user interactions with the ads. 

Google Business Profile 


Total calls made from your Google Business Profile. 


Total direction requests made from your Google Business Profile. 

Website Visits 

Total website clicks made from your Google Business Profile. 


Page Views 

The total number of times your website pages have been viewed by visitors. 


Number of visitors on your website.

Average Session 

Average time users have spent on your website. 

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