What to Expect in the Coming Months for Your Google Business Profile 

Provide Localsearch Owner Access

Once your profile is up and running, we’ll ask you to add our team to your dashboard.

Creating or Setting Up Your Profile

To start, we’ll make claiming and verifying your Google Business Profile easy, as well as provide Localsearch with owner access.

Auditing Your Online Presence

Once we have access to your account, your Google Business Profile Specialists will audit your online presence to ensure consistent use of information relevant to your profile.

Optimising Your Profile

Next, your Google Business Profile Specialists will optimise your business’s basic information, as well as utilise any special features to help your business get the best possible results.

Posting On Your Profile

To streamline the process, our team will take care of your profile posts, ensuring your profile stays up-to-date and reaches a wider audience, allowing them to learn more about your work.

Monthly Reporting

Every month, you’ll receive a report straight to your inbox with key information about your campaign’s progress and performance.

Assessing Performance for Ongoing Results

Our Google Business Profile Specialists will optimise your profile by updating its features relevant to your business.

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