How do I add my business?

Step 1 

Click ‘Add a Business’ in the global menu. 

If you are logged into Localsearch for Business and want to add another business, you can visit the staff tab and click the ‘Add a Business’ button.

Step 2

Sign in or create a new user login. 

Step 3 

Enter your company name and main industry.  

Note: you can add more categories later. 

Step 4 

Provide your phone, email and website. 

Step 5

Verify your email with a 6-digit code for security. 

Step 6 

Add your business address. 

Tip: you can move your map pin OR hide your address if required. 

Step 7 

Please click “Submit” to proceed. Your profile will be offline during the review process and is expected to go live within 2-3 business days. In the meantime, enhance your profile with more details like products and services. 

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